Problems with nForce 730i, ATI Radeon 5850 POST time, MCP temp

I have 2 problems with my nForce 730i

First thing is, when running with the integrated GeForce 730i, the MCP is IDDLE at 70C, and it goes up to 91C when playing games

the GPU temperature is also iddle at 70C, but it goes up to 85C when playing games

I've heard I can remove the MCP heatsink and buy a thermal grease, or put a ventilator on top of it

Can somebody tell me if that voids the warranty, and what is the best solution?

My ATI Radeon 5850 takes 35-45 seconds to POST, it's ridiculous.
I know ASUS released an update for one of it's motherboards (I am not sure if it's the one using the nForce 730i), but eVGA just won't release a BIOS UPDATE, I've been bugging them for 5 months

They recommended me to flash the BIOS of the Radeon, but again, I have no idea how to do that

My questions are
1) does anybody has an ATI Radeon and a nForce 730i motherboard that POSTS normally? (3-5 seconds)
2) will flashing the Radeon 5850 improve anything?
what if I buy an ATI Radeon 5770?
3) Can I install a BIOS update for a nForce 730i motherboard released by other company, such as ASUS?

Thanks in advance
I'll never buy Nvidia again, full of heat problems and they hate anything from ATI.

If a GTX 260 would have problems with the nForce 700 mobos they would release a BIOS update in a second
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  1. If you can disconnect the sink without having to actually break it off then the warranty should be fine, as you can just put it back on. Some are actually glued on through.

    There isn't currently a BIOS update AFAIK, however this link may provide some useful info.
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