EP45-UD3p with windows server 2003

Hey guys!
I just loaded windows server (enterprise) 2003 on this motherboard with
4gp of gskill f1's
500g seagate hd
asus d2x sound card
enermax 620 power
Saphhire HD 5770

I cannot connect to the internet on this rig :(
PErhaps its my lan drivers i cannot find for it? I notice that the gigbyte website only has the chipset and audio drivers for this Operating system

I also cannot find the HD 5770 radeon drivers for this OS :(

I have windows 7 installed on my (other hard drive i swap out) WD black 1tb hd on this same build and everything runs fine ( so far)

Yes i disconnect and reconnect each sata cord from the two hd's according to which OS i want booted up.

any ideas ?
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  1. Do you see Network Adapter in Device Manager?

    NO? > Choose xp OS, then download LAN driver. It should be described to fit 2003 as well.

    YES? > yellow or red mark ? > driver
    > no yellow or red mark? > check you network with other PC, also check this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/272093-30-p55a-ud4p-ports
  2. Xp drivers should work for everything; there seems to be a trick to activating video drivers on 64 bit - it you have trouble, post back... You can find the RealTek LAN drivers here...

    If you want a 'no hassle' multi boot into any number of operating systems, check out Terabyte's BootItNG...
  3. GREAT news!
    IT was a simple lan driver issue stopping my connection to the internet. i downloaded from another computer (from the gigabye website) for XP and now i type this message via windows server 2003 :)

    BTW this is the 32 bit version.

    I did the SP 2 and updates etc etc.

    I tried to install the HD 5770 graphic card driver from the amd site, the catylist suite for XP. It didnt work and my computer crashed while during the installation.

    I then tried to install just the driver and the same thing happened...CRASH FAIL.

    I then tried to install my Xonar D2X sound card drivers for XP and it Crashed with a

    BCCode : 19 BCP1 : 00000020 BCP2 : 897FC938 BCP3 : 897FD4D0
    BCP4 : B9734908 OSVer : 5_2_3790 SP : 2_0 Product : 274_3


    TO top it off MY computer cannot seem to see my cd drive,
    Under device manager I see some of those annoying yellow question marks

    (display adapter)
    Standard VGA graphics adapter

    (DVD/CD-ROM drives)

    Sony DVD RW DRU 700A

    (Other devices)

    AUdio on HD audio BUS

    AUdio on HD audio BUS

    WHat to do?

  4. Do you possibly have a copy of 'plain old' Xp laying around that you can load in, just to diagnose? So far as I'm aware, 2003 has an Xp 'core', so the drivers should work - wondering if they'll install & work in Xp - would kind of 'seperate' whether it's hardware or software... Are you sure your copy of 2003 is OK? If you'd like, PM me, I can likely figure out how to get you an .iso to make a 'fresh' installer?
  5. yes i do have a copy of xp home 32 bit laying around. THis copy of server 2003 came with my student book for network + certification.

    MY other HD with windows 7 pro 64 bit installed works fine, just when i swap the HD with server 2003 i encounter these problems

    where do i pm u ?
  6. If you click on my screen name, bilbat, in any of my posts, it will take you to one of these:

    I used to post my email for people all the time, never have had it abused in any way - people have been respectful and appreciative, but - the 'management' frowns on it - some kind of rules :kaola:
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