New computer just got first boot... how do I find XMP file for my RAM?

I just got ALL my parts together and it booted the first time, which is AMAZING. The RAM is not right on the bios though. How do I do an XMP thing for to set it to the defaults of 7-7-7-24 @ 1.6v ?
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    Go into the BIOS and set either the XMP profile or set the timings manually by using the DRAM Control section. To find where, what and how, gotta RTFM :)

    Though if you watch ya boot screen, should see a prompt saying soemthink like "Hit DEL key" to get into BIOS
  2. Yeah, I got this done already, thanks! Only problem now is my video card.. check that thread out!
  3. Link ?
  4. Haha, thats fixed now too. Everything is working! System is up and running and looking great. Thanks for you're help!

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