Which Ram for Core i5 for overclocking


i recently purchase a Asus P7P55-M mobo with core i5 750...
and now i am deciding on which ram to buy
i am planning to play with overclocking but i am confuse over the ram's spec

which ram should i get to allow me to have stability?

i am currently looking at these rams

now it says its 1600mhz CL9 ... is CL9 going to affect my performance? should i get be getting rams with lower CL?

also the voltage says its 1.7~1.9... i heard that Core I's should be using rams over 1.5v?

please help me

thank you!!!!
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    I would get this.

    Yes lower cas latency is faster although you would never notice it in real world use.
  2. is there anything special about that ram besides having a lower CL ?

    would these be better since they run at a lower voltage?

    should i just stick to the QVL listed for my mobo?
  4. The GSkill I linked you to is great RAM that even the Tom's guys are using in their test builds. It is cheap fast and reliable. That Eco RAM I do not really know enough about to recommend. It may be great as it should run quite cool at those lower voltages but I have never used it in any builds and I do not like to recommend stuff I have not tried myself.
  5. would the rams you recommended work on my mobo?
    they are not listed in the QVL
  6. They should be fine. I have used them on both Intel and AMD builds with no problems. As they say they were designed for i5.
  7. thanks for the recommendation!

    what role does the voltage play in overclocking?
    would i be looking for the lower voltage ram? or a higher voltage ram ?
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