46 reads and O replies...? PC won't burn files 2 discs from my BR or D

Please fellow members, I'm really stumped and need your help. BADLY ! :pfff:
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  1. your problem's description is kinda vague. your drive's and system spec would also help.
    if the bluray drive doesnt burn the disks, does it read it? you can use your diskwriter software's disk info option to see if the drive recognizes it.
    you can also re-insert the disks, make sure the files you're trying to burn aren't in use etc.
    you can restart your pc and try burning them again.
  2. I have had my LG BD-RE Drive (HL-DT-ST-BD-RE BH08LS20 ATA Device) & LG DVD RW Drive (HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GH22LP20 SCSI CdRom Device / which the LG.com site said it was a discontinued model so no updated firmware) for over a year and until a couple days ago no problems. Now, I can't burn video files to either drives. They both play dvds/blue-rays and recognize blank discs but I get error's every time I try and burn files.
    I've tried to update the firmware for the Blue-Ray but it made no diff. / I uninstalled both devices in 'device manager' and re-booted my PC...nothing ! I tried Windows Media Player to burn, Windows DVD Maker, Nero 9, Blaze Media Pro, I tried to drag & drop, I used DVD-R & DVD+R discs...nada, I tried everything I think ?
    If my LG DVD reader/writter is discontinued, what to do ? That doesn't explain why my LG Blue-Ray won't burn files though. Are they simply not compatible with Windows & 64 bit Home premium ? That makes no sense because they used to work. Do I buy a new BR reader/writter and see if it works ? Could it be I need to do a fresh install of Win7 ? I hope not but I will if need be.
    Please, my whole PC-Specs are in my profile. Would someone with real-world experience lend me a hand in figuring out exactly what to do and where to go from here. I'm completely stumped ! I'm very capable of replacing the drive myself but if the drive recognizes blank-discs and plays their respective type of discs (BRs and DVDs) then why spend $ on a new one ?
    Anyone with knowledge of what to do please reply at your earliest convenience, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance...
    ------------------------------ Asus p7p55d pro mo-bo/i5 750 @ 2.67ghz/8 gigs ddr3 1333/OCZ sshd 60 gig w/ Win7 home premium 64 bit/Samsung tera-byte hd @ 7200rpm/Saffire Radeon 6950 2gig ddr5 gpu/Aztec 650w modular ps/Aztec mid tower/LG Blueray r+w/LG dvd r+w/LG flatron w2253v 1080p/
  3. It is an unfortunate fact that the high powered lasers in DVD and BR drives do fail after a relatively short time, and you may be just unlucky that both of your drives have failed at the same time even though the laser still has enough power to read the discs.
    Note there are three lasers in a BR drive so if one of the lasers is down then you should be able to burn a disc of a different type BR, DVD or CD.

    Also it is possible to buy a bad batch of blank disks that can confuse you further. There should be no compatibility problem with your drives with Windows 7. I would try the drives in another computer (or a fresh install) before condemning them.

    You didn't say what errors you are having.
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