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Hi all, I am currently using a Radeon HD 5770 GPU in my system and was curious as to whether I could drop in my old Geforce 7900GT to use for physics processing. I've read a lot of conflicting articles online about it. If it is possible how does one go about doing it, I assume you can't just plug it in and be done with it? Thank you for your help!
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  1. does the 7000s even have physx support? not to my knowledge, if it has then i didn't knew that.

    you can drop the 7900 in your mobo along the 5770 without a problem, but that's just if you have win7, if you do then just go to nvidia's site and download the 181.xx or older drivers, 186 and above disables physx if ati is detected, download the previous drivers and install them along the catalysts. you should have no problem.

    if you have either vista or xp it just won't work, win7 is the only which has support for running 2 graphic drivers at the same time, remember that.
  2. The 7900 gt cant do physx, it requires geforce 8800 series and up.
  3. ^
    agree, 8600 and up!
  4. Ah, I see, so it won't work for PhysX. But, since I'm running Windows 7 64 bit, but exactly will putting it in there do? Will it do some of the work for the 5770? Is it beneficial in any way? Thanks.
  5. Or maybe I misunderstood you, and you were saying that I could drop it in if it supported PhysX?
  6. According to the Batman review on Tom's front page you can use a Nvidia card for Phys-x while using an ATI card as the primary video card in Windows XP.
  7. jbl91 said:
    Or maybe I misunderstood you, and you were saying that I could drop it in if it supported PhysX?

    you can drop it in and install the drivers, but you won't see any penformance increase, just cause you can't put an ati together with an nvidia to do the graphics processing, cause nvidia uses sli and ati uses CF, which are totally different interfaces.

    so you can put it in there and it will actually run, but you'll be just occupying some space on your motherboard ;)
  8. Here is what will happen, your computer will use more power and you will not see any difference! But if you have a second monitor to plug in you can hook that up to the second graphics card to take the strain off of your primary card, but only the monitor with the nvidia card would have the physx assuming your card supports it. Also i believe that XP can handle having both drivers installed, could be wrong though.

    Short and sweet, plugging both of your cards in would only cost you electricity. In a one monitor setup the only way to get anything out of having two cards is if they are in SLI or CrossFire.
  9. Even if you had an 8600 or greater it is not worth the hassle.... Driver support for such a setup is obsolete hence the driver conficts that you will see upon boot.
  10. Unless you are using it for some multi-monitor application that needs more than the 3 monitor support on the HD5770, then at best it wil consume more power and do nothing as ordos96 said, at worst it will cause stability issues.

    As already mentioned the GF7 series cannot be used for PhysX, only the GF8 series and above.

    So IMO, sell the card, go and buy a beer with the proceeds, far more benefit than adding it to your PC. [:thegreatgrapeape:3]
  11. Great, thank you for all your help!
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