P7H55 MotherBoard Ram Slot issues

On my motherboard there are 2 channels. The first channel is the blue ram slots and second channel is the black ram slots.

If I insert ram into the first channel the computer boots and works, but if I insert ram into the second channel it does not boot at all.

The suppliers told me i have to first use my first channels then second channels. Is this true? Is my motherboard ok?
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  1. Try using both of the sticks in the blue slots, and if that doesn't work, try sticking both sticks into the black slots.
  2. I have 1 2GB stick that i put into the first channel and then it works.
    When i put the single memory stick into a black slot it does not work.

    I was told i have to use the first channels then put memory in the second and it will work. Which i don't believe...
  3. Are you using a XMP Dimm? (this only works with one Dimm per channel).
    Generally, you should be able to put memory in either channel, without needing to populate the other channel for it to work. There is nothing in your motherboard manual about pre-populating channel A before Channel B. Of course you could verify this by putting a second piece of memory in.
  4. No im not using XMP Dimm.

    Spoke to the "technical department" apparently you have to pre-populate channel A before B on some of the new motherboards :(
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