SSD only 105gb OEM partition.

Hello all. A friend of mine gave me a intel 320 SSD 120gig. It is pretty much brand new. He messed with it a tab bit. I know that the ssd is only 111gb and not 120. I know how that works. The drive is blank and I want to throwe a fresh copy of W7 on it. As I was going through the process I saw it had been partitioned, quick formatted by W7, from my friend. This partition is 10gb though :( the SSD is only showing 105gb so I backed out of installing at the moment. I was NOT able to delete this partition in the W7 install custom settings. Any ideas how to get rid of this 10gb partition. I can deal with the normal 100mb that windows makes itself but 10gb is over the top. Thanks a million in advance.
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  1. (1) can you delete the partition using windows disk manager.
    I'm surprised that if the partition was created using window 7, that you can not delete it using custom install and selecting the advanced mode and highlitting it and select delete.

    There are some 3rd party partitioning programs that can delete the "Pesky/hard to remove partitions.
    Such as partitionwizard. You coud also try the Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) that has a number of Hard drive utilities.
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