The game is officially over for LANParty

As we can read in Bit-tech, the game is officially over for LANParty. One of the original and most well known enthusiast brand has died. :sweat:

It seems that DFI could follow the path of another great mobo manufacturer: ABIT. It would be a real shame.
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  1. It would. The Lanparty boards were some of the finest OCing boards that ever were. Back in the day I put my dads P4 onto a normal DFI board and when I told people the board was a DFI they said who? I'd mention the people who make the lanparty series and they all knew them then. Epox, Abit, DFI, Gone. Now we have Jetway, Biostar, etc? Even BFG is leaving GPUs. Times are changing so much an old dino like me has no idea who to buy from.
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