Can i put my old xp hd on my new windows 7 pc?

hi nice forum guy

here my first post

i buy a new pc with windows 7 ..750 hd .. 6gb memory etc...

i want to know if i can put my old xp hard drive of my old desktop to this ne pc?

what can i do ?
or options i got to put thi hd on this new pc?

recomendations or alternative from you guys

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  1. You can use the Harddisk yes. If it's an old Pata-disk, then remember to put the jumper in "slave" position.
  2. k but i dont want to lose any data from that hd i forgot to mentiont that i dont want to reformat or delte os lose the data of that xp hd

    can i use it juts by conect and use as slave or need to rdo something first?

    remember my new pc its windows 7 and thi hd qith my data and info are xp
  3. Windows 7 is backwards compatible, so whether the old disk is formatted with FAT32 or NTFS it should still work fine.
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