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I had just installed a clean copy not an upgrade copy windows 7, the "Ati Radoen hd 3650 agp video card" and the version 9.11 catalyst software that came with it. However when I rebooted the display was so distorted that I had to reinstall my original video card to make my comp usable. I have spent the past few days searching for updated drives or a fix for windows 7 without any luck.

Does anyone know when and were the drives for this card will become available.

Thanks Jeff
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  1. in my experience distorted graphics is usually an indicator of a faulty graphics card.

    the fact that your system works fine with your old graphics card, this further adds to the suspicion.

    did you ever get the new graphics card to work properly?
  2. No
    But I pretty sure it the drivers not the hardware because it worked when I first installed it. However, it failed miserable when I opened up windows 7 media player and the distortion lingered for a while on my desktop before clearing up. Additionally rebooting seems to stabilize its output.

    I think these are all indications of driver instability.

    If it was a hardware issue, I don’t think rebooting would have an effect a corrective effect.

  3. did you do a clean install of the drivers for your new card?

    you could always go to the ati website and try the latest drivers.

    it could still be a hardware issue, uninstall the drivers and see if you still get distortion with the basic windows one.
  4. Ya I did a clean install with the most up to date drivers I could find from the ATI web site without success and my system works fine with my old graphics card so I am pretty sure it is not a hardware issue.

    Windows 7 was just released and I am pretty sure that there is an issue with the stability of the drivers supplied by ati for that operating system.

    I was hoping that find someone who had similar problems and knew how to fix it or could help me to convince ATI support that they have a problem.

    Hell I can't even find an email address for their technical support.

  5. Have you installed vista drivers or windows 7 drivers? I would get the windows 7 drivers 1st obviously, but if that doesn't work I would try vista driver, xp driver, if different. Also try to run compatibility mode on the setup exe for the driver. I'm having to run the old 175 drivers for my nvidia 9650gt on my laptop thats running w7 ult. If I run the newest driver I get really strange noise on the lcd (I thought it might be a bad vga ribbon cable at 1st), and constant driver kernel crashes and recovery's. very annoying. Anyway good luck.
  6. When you say you installed the "version 9.11 catalyst" software, what was that and how did you get access to it?

    Some people have reported problesm with the Catalyst Contol Center, but said the driver worked fine by themselves. If you haven't tried it yet, try installing just the drivers and testing things out. If that works ok, and if you want the catalyst control center, then try installing it and see how it works.
  7. i have windows 7, hd4890 and the latesy catalyst drivers.

    i haven't had a single problem. installed windows7, basic windows graphics drivers - 640x480 resolution, went to ati website and installed the ati drivers, reboot, working perfectly.

    well... i've had a small issue with the GPU sometimes forgetting which monitor i've got, forcing me to manually select it several times. but i think this is to do with me refusing to install monitor drivers.
  8. I reload pc's all day and I never install the catalyst control center. nothing but issues.
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