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Does anyone know of a graphics card that will output 1080p through an HDMI connection on the back of the card to a plasma TV? ATI has a native resolution of 720 out through it's HDMI output and I'd like 1080 to go to my 50" plasma.
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  1. ATI video cards from the 38XX family to the latest 5XXX family are more than capable of 1080P through HDMI connection. These generation of video cards are HD certified and HDCP compliant to play Copyright protected materials such as Blue_ray Disc/Movies.

    Your information is incorrect.
  2. Below is the path for ATI/AMD graphics card webpage. Do some reading and check the 3000 family and up going to the latest 5000 family. These cards can do better than 1080P.

    As stated your statement on ATI graphics card is incorrect.

    If you want to consider Nvidia cards below is the path for its website
  3. Thank all of you for your prompt and informative replies!

    I misspoke. What I was after is a card with a tuner on it like the ATI All-In-Wonder series that has a native 1080 HDMI output.

    Once again, sorry for the misinformation!
  4. Hauppage 2250 HDTV tuner is the better HDTV tuner than any ATI Tuner today. I had a lot of issues with ATI HDTV tuner. This is a separate pcie TV Tuner.

    It is capable of recording 1080 HDTV shows.

    I'm not sure what your hardware is. Normally i keep the TV tuner separate from the video card. When i change my video card (which i do 1x 8 months) i don't change the TV tuner.
  5. Thanks Leon! I'm building a computer from scratch and want to make sure I've got the most cost effective component choices!
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