2500k safe ?

44.02 MHz

cpu VCORE min:0.8 max:1.34
core 0: min:29C max:75C
core 1: min:38C max:86C
core 2: min:31C max:86C
core 3: min:34C max:84C
package: min:38C max:90C

stress level:HIGH 2048MB
times run:10

thermal past:AS5 12 hours old (not fully set)

is this safe for 24/7 typical usage??
or should i take it down a notch ?

thanks nick.
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  1. Your temps are higher than I like, although regular use - even gaming - should not drive them that high.

    I also would not count on your temps dropping as AS5 cures. I have been using AS5 for years (a little tube goes a long way) and I have never noticed a significant difference in pre- and post-cure temps.
  2. Those temps are quite high. What cooler are you using?
  3. Take it down a notch, and get a better cooler if needed. Hitting the mid 80s-90 is a bit risky. Try to keep your max IBT temp under 80 C
  4. i have a rule dont go over 75c or 1.5 vcore
  5. Would you guys consider 6 hours of Prime95 at 4GHz and a max of 56C to be good?
  6. me? id take it your cpu will never be maxxed 100% all the time in everyday things like games. if you want to be sure tho run hw monitor while playing the most demanding games you have and see how high they heat it up
  7. sam_fisher said:
    Would you guys consider 6 hours of Prime95 at 4GHz and a max of 56C to be good?

    That's about exactly where I'm sitting with my 2600K at 4.2GHz, so I'd say that's acceptable.
  8. lower that Vcore!
  9. thanks, i nocked the multiplier down to 43
    and voltage down to 1.3(could get lower but BSOD when shuting down ?????)
    changed a few settings in the bios pll over voltage, ext....

    max ibt is 80C

    my a/c has been out so it probably isnt helping that my room temp im testing with is 90F LOL...yeah it sucks.
    hence why my minimum is 40C

    i used to test temps with prime95 but ibt makes prime look like weak sauce
  10. there are a few threads floating around here with folks getting 4.5 under 1.3 Vcore.
    i believe the trick is to turn off speedstep and use a light hand with LLC (load line calibration) but please do NOT take that as gospel since i myself do not have a i5-2500k.
  11. well i dont wana keep pusing for lower voltage and mesing around with setings cuz im woried BSOD is going to screw up my os and im gona have to reformat......and reformating a freshly formated system is about as boring and dull as dirt....(windows updates :Z) haha
    or can i BSOD billions of times without having to wory about that ?
  12. it will only tell you windows did not shutdown properly on the next boot. BSOD themselves are no harm at all.
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