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I have two computers with Win.XP and Intel SSDs. I use the Intel Toolbox to clean them. Question #1 is, will the Intel Toolbox work on any other brands? Question #2 does any other SSD manufacturer have their own toolbox? And question #3 is can you use the Toolbox with Windows 7?
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    (1) The Intel tool box is for Intel SSDs, and even intel's toolbox does not support all Intel's SSD as the G1 is not supported.
    (2) Most other brands also have a tool box, or a variation of.
    (3) Depending on the operation to be performed, the operation may or may not be allowed under windows. For example with a secure erease can not do if operation is on the boot disk. Some of the toolboxs run under linux (Bootable CD) for performing a firmware update and for secure erease.
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