Dram problem after auto tuning with turbo evo

I have recently built up a system for Gaming.
Asus p9x79
I7 3820
Corsair ax850 gold
Kingston hyperx ddr3 2x4 gb
Ocz agility 3 120 gb
Sapphire 7850 oc edition 2 gb
Noctua L12

Problem i seen first was system didnt boot at all after building up. Dram led was red all the time. I swicthed ram positions and did bios reset to be able to boot. Did fresh install win 7 ultima x64 and updated with issue. Machine working fine since then.

I wanted to try auto tuning with asus ai suit. All My problems started. After pressing auto machine does reboot as usual bit never boot to bios or anything. It just hangs with dram led on always. I even tryied tpu swicht on the board gave same result. Every auto tuning options asus have gave same problem.

After bios reset it does boot and everything fine again. At least i think everything fine. I m trying to figure this problem 4 days now.

However i did check all components tryied with bott ram on singel Times' on all slots. Still gives same result.

Can this be ;
Fail on boards ram slots?
Fail on board itself?
Fail on rams?
Psu isnt good enough?

Btw i double check everything attacthed very solid.

Thansk in advance.
Best regards.
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  1. This motherboard is having a serious issue with Ram and posting...check out all the reviews at newegg and look at the cons.


    Seems memory is MAJOR issue on all these boards...all almost no one has a successful first boot and ALL have ended up flashing the bios to upgrade for memory support...some worked out OK but most are not getting lucky.

    I would read through the reviews and see if any of the methods outlined help out with your situation....if not...then RMA that board and get a new board...sure sounds like exactly the same issue if this is the board you indeed have..the P9X79 Asus board.

    Good Luck and keep your head in the game...warning though...the manufacturer ASUS and tech support are Glacially slow to respond...TAKE PICTs of your board, the serial number, and the condition it's in at present and save those pics...if ASUS RMA's the board...they do NOT give you a new one...they give you a used one and they aren't often very clean or neat with what they send you back...or at least that's been my experience with them.

    I built a new build this past May..ended up waiting through July to get the issue resolved via RMA direct with ASUS... that ended up with a bad second ram slot...the pc locked up, threw BSOD's out of left field...error messages were extremely weird and lead you down paths of research and hardware that aren't necessary. So be cautious with ASUS and your hardware!!

    Good Luck!

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