Asus a7n8x motherboard and ocz agility ssd hard drive

will a ocz agility ssd 60 gig hdd work with my ASus a7n8x deluxe2.0 motherboard
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    Is it the agility II or III? May have better luck with the sata II agility. The Agility II is more a Plug and PRAY drive and you have a pretty old MB.

    Agility II will most probably work, but I don't think you will get the "advertized" performance as you have the Nvidia chip set. Boot to the bios and under HDDs look to se if AHCI is supported. If it is you can probably use windows 7 default ahci driver (msahci) which might give better performance than the Nvidia driver. If Ahci is not supported you will probably get subpar SSD performance, but will be better than a HDD.
  2. thank you for replying so quickly it is the OCZ Agility 3 60GB 2.5IN SATA3 Sandforce SF-2281 SSD Solid State Disk Flash Drive it does not say ahci supported
  3. The Agility III can be a little picky on which systems it works with. Visit the OCZ forums and look at the costumer feed back. I bought two of them, never again, It would not install on a New sandbridge notebook even with AHCI inabled. Ended up going with the Curcial M4 which worked fine.

    With OCZ Sata III SSDs, AHCI is recommended (also works with intel Raid selected), and for some operation such as updating the firmware and doing a secure erase ahci is required.
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