I read the read-me thread at the top of the forum; but, it does not seem to answer my specific question. I am building my first new system and I made an error in picking the correct motherboard for the RAM that I purchased. I purchased the GSkill tri-channel RAM (the DDR3 1333 10666 variety). However, I am running a AMD X4 965 mobo and a mobo that obviously has the dual channel set up.

My technical knowledge is still developing to be honest; so, I have two questions. Firstly, will the RAM even work on my mobo. It has "for Intel I-7" all over it; but, I assume it will work because my motherboard does support the speed of the RAM. Also, Am I mistaken and can run the RAM in tri-channel even though I only have 4 DIMMS?

I'm stuck with the RAM so I have to make do as best as possible. So, assuming it won't run tri-channel, would I be best to just run 4 gigs of the RAM as dual channel? would it be possible to run the RAM as Dual channel with 4 gigs in one channel and 2 in the other. If not, would I be better of to run the 4 gigs with the dual channle bandwidth or to have the overall higher amount running in single channel?

Sorry for all the questions, just a bit confused here.

Thanks in advance for any help :(
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  1. WIth an AMD setup I believe single channel is better, but if you are stuck with the memory you will just have to try it.

    Always read the motherboard manual prior to purchasing memory. For that matter just read the motherboard manual period.
  2. Well, I'm not certain what will happen; but, I can just put all 3 sticks in the machine and maybe it will run decently. All I really want to do is game on the machine, and what I am reading is telling me that the speed of the RAM is much less important in the real world than the stability. Didn't say it earlier; but, the mobo is MSI 790X if it helps at all.
  3. It will probably put the DIMMs in channel A in dual channel mode and the single DIMM in channel B in single mode. Doubtfull that this will impede performace.
  4. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me. I feel better about it at least:)
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