Fx 4100 overclocking failure

my specs :-
amd fx 4100
asus m5a78 m lx
corsair vengeance 4gb
asus nvidia 550Ti 1gb
corsair cx430

everytime I try to overclock it fails to boot.... then I have to reset cmos.... what wrong am I doing ?
it fails even if I increase multiplier n vcore up a notch
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  1. are you trying to use the auto-overclock function?

    and what settings have you tried.

    Id suggest starting small, 4.0 ghz (20x multi). only problem I see is the power supply is a bit small and the motherboard is a 95W, but those have been able to push the 4100 to 4.4ghz anyway with it and even so it should still be able to load into the bios since the video card won't be pulling power.

    Make sure the bios is updated.
  2. No I am not using auto overclock
    I just put the multiplier to the first x
    And also the voltage

    My bios is 0801
  3. I put the multiplier to 4000Mhz ... it is working do I need to change something else too ?
  4. run some stress tests, usually prime 95. If it comes up with errors, you need to up the voltages slightly. If it all works, then you can try bumping the mutli some more and repeat.
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