ASUS Maximus III - Need Quick Help

Asked this on the mobo forum but I really do need a response today so I can order.

I need to make a decision probably within the next 6 hours whether or not I'm buying this MoBo for my new computer. Here's the issue I was hoping someone could clear up for me.

I'm going to have a Megahalems w/ 2 Scythe S-Flex fans and I was wondering if I would run into issues trying to fit 4 sticks of Mushkin Blackline. I've seen some pictures with heatstinks and it seems to get pretty close.
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    There was barely any clearance with my Mushkin RAM and S1283. I'm talking about a razor's edge of clearance.
  2. Ugh... and the Megahalems is slightly larger I believe.
  3. get the evga p55 board seems to have a bit more clearence then the asus
  4. Well I've been glancing at the EVGA FTW (and FTW 200). What are the improvements on the FTW 200 over the FTW that justify the higher price?
  5. Too many variables.....

    Mobo Layout
    What kind of RAM cooling
    How mounting megahalems (blowing up / blowing to rear)

    I can tell you that the Megashadow fits on an R2E w/ Mushkin Redline modules with Ascent coolers. RAM is in blue slots so one closest to GS is empty.

    BTW, you'll want the 1200 rpm fans as prolima recommends 800-1200. The also recommend having fans blow to rear, not to top. I have just been told by Asus tho that the reason that my HS fans on the Megashadow are not adjusting speed according to load is because the fans I am using are not PWM.

    I have them on fan controller now which requires pressing F1 on bootup to get rid of the "No CPU fan" message. Eventually I will get around to replacing them with PWM fans.....prolly going to get these:

    Enermax Cluster are 53 cfm, @ 500-1200 rpm and 8-14 dBA

    S-Flex SFF21E are 49 cfm, @ 1200 rpm and 20.1 dBA
  6. What do people think of the MSI P55-GD80 as another option? I've read some really nice reviews, and one over at Hardware Canucks shows that it has ample room for large heatsinks like mine.
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