Hybrid SLI - Which discrete video cards will work?

I am using an Asus P5N7A-VM which uses NVIDIA GeForce 9300/nForce 730i and supports Hybrid SLI. I've tried to figure out which discrete video cards I can use on this mobo for Hybrid SLI.

I've read the SLI/Crossfire FAQ and it sounds like I'm supposed to match graphics chip/memory in the two cards. I've gone to the Nvidia site and looked in their SLI section for certified products and find only 9500 and higher cards.

I'm still searching, but if someone here can tell me what to search for I'd appreciate it.
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  1. I found this video card that uses the 9300 chip. It looks cheap compared to other cards I've seen.
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    Hybrid SLi and ATIs CF have no real practical value over using a discrete GPU. The cards the 9300 IGP hybrid with are the 8400GS or 8500GT and they don't do much better than the IGP by itself. If you have an open pcie x16 slot, you can do a ton better for very little cash than either of those cards. See where they are all bunched together in the bottom of this list:,2464-8.html

    This article should explain things better:,665014/Geforce-9400/9300-und-Hybrid-SLI-versus-Intel-G45/Reviews/

    What do you need your graphics system to do and what budget do you have to accomplish your goal?
  3. Hybrid SLI is useless. I know that Hybrid crossfire can only be done with HD3xxx cards and some other HD2xxx cards. Its just too make the older GPU's work a little better than they usually do. Any card above the HD4xxx series thumps a Hybrid CF handsomely.

    You can u say its like buying a new saddle for a dying horse. No point wasting money on it!
  4. Thanks for the answers. They confirm my suspicion that Hybrid SLI is a feature with no benefits. I'm glad that wasn't part of my decision to purchase this board.

    I'm not into gaming or Blu-Ray movies. I just want to see a clear sharp picture when I watch TV over the Internet (which Al Gore invented).

    I'm using the board in an HTPC and was wondering what my options might be down the road if my kids got into gaming. Sounds like the best option is an up-to-date discrete video card when and if that happens.
  5. Hybrid SLI has no graphical advantage. A hybrid SLI is not any faster than the discreet card alone. The real advantage is the hybrid power that comes with it. So when you are not gaming your card is powered down. Watching movies or surfing the net your PC is quiet and very green using the on board video. Only when you run a 3D game does it power up your card.

    If you don't care about noise or power, then it is useless for you.
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