Case fan installation direction

Quick question as this is the first time I'm going to install a case fan.

Can every case fan be installed in either direction (intake - exhaust)?

My case already has an exhaust fan on the back and I want to install a Zalman ZM-F3 as intake fan on the front.
But this would mean I have to install the fan with the label facing/touching the front of the case and the side with the braces, motor and wires facing the inside of the case (which seems backwards to me). Could this damage the fan? Or is it ok?

Thank you!
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  1. Your correct fans can be mounted in either direction, and doing so will not damage the fan in any way.

    Most fans have a couple of arrows on the side to mark the direction the fan will spin and the direction of the airflow. Although the label is usually on the "front" the arrows will tell you which side is which.
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