can i run gddr5 graphics in intel g35 ECNL?
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  1. Of course - The type of memory on your graphics card has nothign to do with the type required by your motherboard/processor.
  2. Question doesn't make sense.
    List teh make and model of the video card you want to use and the make/model of the motherboard you intend to put it in.
  3. I said it, motherboards from intel. n y should i need to provide gpu model? GDDR 5 means gtx 265 to radeon 5670.
  4. As Scotteq said the type of memory on your graphics accelerator is irrelevant. I could then only assume that you intended to place a Video card with GDDR5 memory into a motherboard that has an Intel G35 chipset. Thats why I asked. Good luck with your install.
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