Should I RMA my SSD?

I recently built a gaming PC using the Patriot Pyro SSD. At least once a day I get a complete system hang, and have to restart the computer. When I do, the SSD is not recognized as a boot device unless I completely power down the computer and turn it back on. Is this an issue with the Mobo, or something wrong with the SSD? Should I RMA it?
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  1. I am also getting daily BSOD. It says something about a crash dump. When it restarts, it says no bootable drive, and I have to power off and power back on.
  2. Yes those ssd have had some issues. Try a fresh install. If problem persists RMA.
  3. The first thing I'd try is a different SATA cable in a different port. I had a similar problem and it ended up being a bad cable.
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    Check out the Firmware on the SSD and see if it requires updating. If it needs updating update it. The problem could also be the Motherboard. If you have a HDD that you can use as a test drive try doing a test install and see if the problem continues.
  5. Lots of issues with the current crop of SSDs. As noted you could need a firmware update. Check with your SSD manufacturer.
  6. Well, I just updated the firmware. The list of fixes under the new revision says it fixes the exact problems I've been having. Will update you guys in a couple days to see if I have any more crashes.
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