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I've been looking through my motherboard manual and it seems straight forward to setup raid 0 with 2 500gb drives.

They will be for storage only, I have windows on an SSD and some of my main applications on that SSS also.

My question is how to I set it up, do I need to mess with the raid drivers? Can I just go into my motherboard raid utility set the 2 drives to raid 0 save exit all that, then boot into windows and I will then have a ~1TB F:\ drive (or whatever letter)

Is it that easy?
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  1. My advice is NOT to use RAID 0 (now you have 2 chances for a drive failure to cause you to lose data, in addition, peruse this board and see how many people have problems and lose data with RAID 0).

    But if you do use the RAID controller, even for RAID 0, you will need the RAID drivers for Windows to recognize the array. Depending on the controller, the drivers MAY be built into Windows, but you need them either way.

    You will then see another disk in disk manager, will need to create a partition, format it and assign a drive letter.
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