Connecting 3 displays in windows 7

I have 3 monitors connected in windows 7 64 bit; VGA,DVI & HDMI/DVI cable. The displays are all there, but I can only get two to work at one time. I can readily switch between them but not get all 3 to be as one extended desktop.

I have a feeling I'm missing something simple, like another piece of hardware to extend them as-one.

Your suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks, Bruce
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  1. no hardware info? how are we supposed to help you.
  2. The HD 5700 series can also use 3 monitors.

    What kind of graphics card are you using?
  3. Ways of getting more then 2 monitors are
    2 graphics cards
    specialty items form matrox
    or ATI's cards with a display port as display port has it's own controller and thus is not limited to the graphics card's 2 displays via DVI,VGA and HDMI

    As far as the 57xx series doing it as long as they have a display port they can do it.

    But note if your monitor does not have a display port you'll have to buy an active converter which will cost around 100 dollars US.
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