4890, 4870 or 5850?

Alright so I bought a 1920 x 1200 monitor and I already have a 4890 and I start to notice that my fps isnt as good as it used to be at 1280 x 1024 :sarcastic:, and I was wondering what I should buy to offset the performance loss. Now I had a deal with my firend I'd sell him the 4890 for $150 and then I'd buy a 5850, but then for $150 I could buy a 4870 and crossfire it with my 4890 and get performance of a 4870x2. But then I'm losing alot of performance just because I want to save $30 when I could buy another 4890 for around $180ish. So what do you think the best option would be? I dont want to make my friend sad haha, and a 5850 would be a nice new card, but then is the dx11 really work losing out like 20%+ performance and is the $30 justified buying a 4870 instead of another 4890?
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  1. Still HD5850 is too juicy let go. All new games that are going to be released after 3-5 months would be DX11 optimized. So sticking with HD5850 or a HD5870 is a wise choice. You can save some and after a year crossfire HD5850 as well.
  2. Yeah, I would suggest going for the 5850, if you can find one. The performance will only get better as drivers mature, and DX11 should be a big influence on gamers, shaping up to have much better adoption than DX10 did.
  3. 5850 isn't too hard to find it's a bit harder to find online but i've found quite a few in several Fry's stores but 300 is so much to me :(
  4. Just to be contrary, the 4890x2 option will give you by far the best bang for the buck...it outperforms the gtx295, which outperforms the 4870x2, which outperforms the 5870, which outperforms the 5850. You would cripple the crossfire if you tried to pair a 4870 with a 4890, and it just wouldn't work. They require different drivers. I really don't see much of an upside to the 5850 option at its current price, even if you intend to buy every directx11 game that comes out and never play your older games, the performance you are losing compared to 4890 x 2 will nullify any DX gains.
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