Graphics Card cooling issues

Good Day to all,

I have been keenly looking at this forum for a while now and have found the information more than beneficial. I felt the time had come to say hello to all, start participating and start sharing my problems.... so hello to all.

I have just built a system as follows:

Intel 920 i7 2.66 with Corsair H50 Cooler
6GB Dominator
Giga-byte EX58-UD5
2 x Gainward GTX260 Golden Sample 896MB
Corsair 850W PSU
Coolermaster Cosmos Black Case

I had some issues with installation of the graphics car, namely out of the three PCI-E slots I have I can only use the top two for my graphics as the bottom is not accessible due to a bottom mounted PSU.

I have therefore put them in the top two. This caused some issues as the cards do not seem to allow to be so closely synced together and as such I have had to remove the fans from the top card.

System installed ok however without installing anything and leaving windows 7 on desktop one of the displays turned off (one monitor per graphics card) and in device manager one has gone.

Thought this may have been an over heating issue so 'cowboy'd' (as a test) a 120mm fan aiming straight down the gap between the two cards in the hope this will offer some cooling.

When now running the system test that W7 has built in I get a pop up saying temperature high please replace fan or heatsink.

Thought this may have been CPU but air coming across radiator is cold, pipes are cold and I restarted and went straight to BIOS and CPU shows running at 29C.

Thank you for taking the time to read..... I am interested in your thoughts.... and I am already thinking of returning the case as a bad design and replacing it so if you wish to suggest that as best option that is understandable.


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  1. O lol then just ignore W7. You can go and dissable spacific messages somewhere i duuno where sry
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