Hard Drive Issues (Stop:ED and Data Loss Issues)

Hi there folks,

I am having some pretty severe issues with my Hard Drive at the moment. Which is a Western Digital 1TB (WD1002FAEX) drive.

First some basic information about the computer with the problem;

HDD : Western Digital 1TB (WD1002FAEX)
Windows 7 Home Premium - 64 Bit

The rest is pretty much what comes standard with my computer, a Pavilion 6320f


Only changes I recall is a slightly larger PSU (350watt), and an actual video card (Quadro FX580, if that matters).

Now this was a Hand-me-Down computer, so I can't list much of its actual history outside of the hardware I received it with. The rig as a whole is around 2 years old, not sure if this is the HDD it came with or not either.

Anyways, on to the issue.

Last night everything was working smoothly. I powered down and went to bed. This afternoon when I turned my computer on I was greeted with the dreaded BSoD. My first reaction in such a case is to try the "Boot with last known good setup" option. Which to my dismay didn't work. I then proceeded to try and boot into Safe Mode. When that also ended up in a BSoD I knew that something must be majorly wrong. So I went back and told Windows to freeze on the error message.

It was Unmountable_Boot_Volume error. of the 0x000000ED variety. The second parameter of the error string is FFFFFFFFC000009C. I gather that might be important, but searching for that particular error didn't yield anything helpful.

So my next step was try to recover the drive via System Recovery, or what not. However every time I attempted this it would return in an error that I did not have the right version of Windows installed for my Recovery Disk..

At this point im getting pretty concerned, things aren't looking good for my Hard Drive. I then took it out of my machine, and plopped it in as a secondary drive on another machine that was working. (Its running XP, SP3, older rig but still has the SATA connectors). So I looked at the drive, hoping that maybe I could at least recover some of my files. Much to my surprise Windows identified the drive as only having a total space of 4.68 GB (This is a 1TB drive) *and* in the format of Fat32, which was not the case last night. I opened up the disk (not physically, just browsed it in Windows) and looked around, it seemed to work, but there wasn't much on it. A bunch of hidden files and a "recovery" file. I really didn't mess around with anything in fear of screwing stuff up.

I thought maybe this was due to XP having a hard time identifying a new, large drive, formatted by Windows 7. So I put it back into my main machine and tried the recovery disks some more. I did get it to go through, once, and I'm not even sure how that happened.. It didn't identify any Windows installations, but did give me the option to install HDD drivers (didn't know which file to select, so I didn't do that). I then went onto the advanced screen and toyed around there, to no avail. System Recovery, file images, nothing worked. I finally got around to the command prompt and used the "CHKDSK" command.. It too showed the drive as being way, way too small (exact number eludes me, but it was incorrect) and only having a small numbers of files on it.

So at this point I'm pretty much stumped. I did some research and found that the WD1020FAEX drives frequently have firmware issues, which may result in similar problems.. However fixing that is beyond my ability, and paying a professional is something I'm probably not able to afford.

So I came here to ask you all your opinions, maybe there was something simple that I missed, or maybe the drive is pretty much dead weight at this point. I would very much like to be able to recover some of the data on it, but fortunately there isn't anything extremely critical on it.

My plan right now is to get a new HDD, and install a fresh version of Windows on there. I'll keep the "Bad" drive around in hopes of being able to recovery the data within the next few days. I am not going to try and reinstall Windows on it, as that would require a Reformat, which would definitely hamper the likelihood of data recovery.. (And it might not even work at all)

The ironic part about all this? Today was the day I was going to do my Backups.. Go figure.
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  1. Alright I'll give it a shot.

    I'd also like to add that I was mistaken, the drive I was looking at under XP was the backup partition for that computer *blush*

    The HDD I hooked up appeared with an SD Card icon so I overlooked it. Though when I tried to open it, windows said it was not formatted correctly, and asked me if I wanted to format. I declined that for now.


    Used a program called Crystaldisk to check the HD integrity, it gave me a "Caution" rating citing some bad sector reading. So right now am trying to get back my important data, and planning on a replacement HDD. Because, unless I'm mistaking, bad sectors pretty much mean your Hard Drive is on its last breath.

    Another Update -

    I am currently using a program(EASEUS Data Recovery Tool) to search the petitions, for valid files. It's finding lots of files, but won't be done for about 16 hours. Looks like I'll have to sleep on this one!
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