What are the main specs on a Heatsink I need to be looking at to choose the best

I'm planning on getting an older computer than what I have. So i was just going to experimant and see about trying to overclock it a little. I'm going to buy a new heatsink and what are the specs I need to be looking for overclocking a cpu.
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  1. mainly just socket compatibility and dimensions. If you really cared though you would probably also look into what material its made out of/heat pipe layout/ etc.
  2. What material is considered the best?
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    The overall design comes into play more then material, in terms of cooling efficiency.
    (how air is pushed over the fins, if it blows it directly towards the back exhaust fan or towards the mobo socket, etc)

    I know a few people who swear by copper. me personally I don't really care, I just look at benchmarks of certain coolers and see which would fit my specific case.
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