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So after living with my Pentium 4 machine with a 64MB video card for the last 6.5 years...I have finally decided to take advantage of Black Friday week deals and build a new machine...

Motherboard: MSI X58M 1366 RT - Retail
Memory: 2Gx3 OCZ Gold 1600 (8-8-8-24)
PSU: Antec EA 750 Watts
CPU: i7 920
Video Card: Radeon Sapphire HD 5770
CD/DVD - DVD Burner Lite-On
HardDrive - Western Digital 7k SATA2 HD 320GB

Everything was from newegg except for the CPU which I got from microcenter. Total price after combo deals, mail-in rebates (haven't claimed yet) and Bing cash back is ~$790 !!
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  1. Looks like agood day of shopping .... but if I had to nitpick :)

    The EA series from Antec is "mid tier", I would have opted for less watts and higher tier. Corsair 620X has $60 instant discount and $50 rebate for $110 off its $189 MSRP for a $79 sales price. Antec TP750 has $90 in discounts for a $79 sales price....just $4 more than the EA

    As for the HD, the newer 500 GB per platter designs are significantly faster than their lower density counterparts.
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