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IBM 3.8ghz IntelliStation Z pro vs what I have

I have an opportunity/? to upgrade from a everex barebones pc with a 1.6 mhz via c7 processor, and 2gb of 667mhz memory and a 400 mhz fsb. Made around the same time, I guess about 3 years ago was a top of the line and now very cheap option. For 300 dollars I can get an IBM IntelliStation Z pro 6223-75U with (maxed out) 16 Gb of 800mhz memory and two 3.8 ghz processors. running on an 800mhz fsb. It's been used as the hub computer for a small office.
Sure seems like I'd be getting a super fast/??? 3.8 ghz two full processor machine with all the ports for firewire etc..etc.. and some open bays.

I am aware that memory is getting faster and faster while bus speeds are now reaching 1600mhz and processors today have multi-cores. Saving for a computer that I'll be able to upgrade later would be a smart but at least this is/??? a vast improvement over what I have. So Would this be a fast web-surfing and video box or will it obsolete before I know it? I've also been considering just getting a new mini laptop or netbook with a dual core processor and as much memory as I can stuff in it. Any thoughts?
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    this will kick the via processor into a dump truck...

    Personally youll need a 64bit os to get the most out of it as it has 16gb of ram...

    you may have to update the bios.

    It would run Windows 7 like a dream..
  2. it came originally with redhat but I'll be using ubuntu 64bit. or fedora. I started out saying I would just save and get a new computer but this option seems like an easy fix while all the new advances in memory and bus speeds and processors start getting used. I realized that most of the offerings seem to be getting rid of soon to be obsolete stuff. How fast will this thing be?.. I make videos with an old minidv camcorder.
  3. it will work fast on linux thats for sure. you will see a vast improvement over your old machine as ubuntu works well with 2 processors and all that ram if 64bit

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