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This morning I downloaded a windows update, it was not a critical update but a update in windows 7, as I proceeded to download the upate and came back to say update has failed , click here for details, I tried installing both updates and once again it failed, at that point I went to connect to the internet and it came back to say cannot connect and there was a red x at the bottom of my screen for connections, I tried to do a restore to a date prior to this morning but it would not take as well, I am running 64 bit on windows 7 I really do not know what to do, I even went a far as to delete the windows upate I installed and also deleted the NIVIA Network Controller from my device manager, keep in mind I cannot do anything on this as I cannot connect to anything can some one help
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  1. ]I'm experiencing the same issue as well ....I have an XFX 790i MB with fios service. At one point I thought it was blocking torrent site because everytime the internet went down I was on a torrent site but that is not the case...it randomly fails all the time.
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