Will the Phenom x4 620 be enough for a DAW

I am a newbie in systems, however I am looking to build a DAW to produce my music as my laptop is rubbish.

Will the above processor be good enough? I understand it has no L3 cache...will thaqt have an impact on performance in music production????

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  1. See the build advice sticky in my sig...
  2. yes, it will be enough. But get as much ram as you can. That matter here. Sometime, HDD can cause glitch if you happen to multitask while doing audio and HDD is far slower than RAM. So getting more RAM will make the HDD less used.
  3. Your comment about the Phenom not having L3 cache bothered me so I checked into it. The 620 is actually an Athlon and it does not have L3 cache enabled. However, I found an interesting tease about turning this processor into a Phenom by enabling the L3 cache (depends on generation of CPU).

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