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I have a Asus U36 with 2 hard drives C:\ & D:\. The C drive is now at capacity and I'm getting error messages when there is insufficient space on the C for what i am attempting. How do I get to use the D drive automatically and why doesn't the OS do this automatically when there is insufficient space on 1st drive?
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  1. OS is always going to default to using the C: drive for updates/downloads/program installs etc. You can install programs to your D:, but some things will always end up on the C: drive such as Windows updates.

    Assuming your user folders are currently located on the C: you could move them over to the D: drive which would likely free a good deal of space on C:. You could also run a program such as,

    which scans and looks for temporary files that can be deleted and should free some space. There are lots of forum posts about the proper way to move your user data to a partition other then the C: drive, just search for it. Do not just drag them over to the other drive.
  2. Thanks very much, much appreciated :)
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