4870 vs 9800GTX vs GTS250?? Which 1?

All the cards i can get for the exact same price $109 approx.

i will defer to you guys please help me i am torn.

Looking for $130 and under.

I like to game and i have a monitor capable of 1900x1080.

4870 ddr5 512 / GTS250 ddr3 512 / 9800gtx ddr3 512
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  1. i would suggest GTS250 because ATI cards will not support nvidia Physx....but if you want to buy a future proof graphic card then buy HD5750 or HD5770, it supports directx11....HD4870 is also a best choice by the way
  2. hd 4870 , that price is really good .
  3. HD 4870 will beat both those cards in gaming. The only drawback w/ all 3 cards is the 512mb memory. If you can find a deal on a 1gb version that will keep you going for another year or so; which you then can get a dx11 card from either manufacterer cheaper than they are now.
  4. yeah , try to find a 1gb for under 130 then , that'll be good .
  5. I use a 4870 512mb @ 1920x1080. While I regret not being able to afford the 1gb model at the time (they were all over $300CAD last march, and the 512mb i bought was on a one-day sale for 215, was a no brainer at the time) I have not had a crippled gaming experience. If you can't find a 1gb for a cheap enough price, a 512mb for 109 is still a killer deal, and the best of the 3 you have listed.
  6. I would get a 5750 or 5770.... if you save up at least a bit more you can get a card that will last....
  7. i am worried about the 128 bit on the 5750 vs the 4870 256 bit

    Will 1GB help alot more or minamal
  8. that is othe only drawback, but don't underestimate the power of the 5750.. It basically performs on the same level as the GTS 250 and if overclocked a bit it will match the 4870's performance in some games....

  9. Of the 3 you mentioned, the 4870 is the best.

    I got a 1 GB 4870 for $125 after receiving a $20 rebate. I think the prices went up a little after I got mine.

    $109 for a 4870, even a 512 MB, is a good deal.

    I don't know if I benefit from the extra memory or not. I run 1920x1200. My gut tells me the extra memory mainly makes a difference when running 2560x1600.
  10. ^^ the 4870 no longer sells for that cheap, now the cheapest 4870 is around 150.00$

    At this point I would opt for a next-gen GPU....
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