Can i play dirt 2 on my 15 inch macbook pro


macbook pro specs:

2.4GHz intel core 2 duo
nvidia geforce 9600m GT
nvidia geforce 9400m
2 GB of ram
Windows vista

can i?

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  1. First of all, you've got two graphics cards listed. Is it the 9600M GT or 9400M?

    Second of all, you have Windows Vista on a Mac? If that's true, you'll probably have no trouble playing Dirt 2. Your playable settings will vary depending on which graphics card you have. What resolution is the screen?
  2. vista= boot camp
  3. we could choose on what graphics do we want to use,
    higher performance= 9600m GT with 521 MB
    Better battery= 9400m with 256 MB
  4. With the 9600M GT I think you could play it fine. With the 9400M, you may be able to play it at low resolution. Neither will give you DX11.

    Why not just download the demo and see first hand how it works?
  5. LOL GL, dirt 2 is a major pain in the ass to play with the arrow keys.
  6. i have it in my gaming rig its fun :) lol
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