Motherboard For HP Pavilion dv7 1150us

HP Pavilion dv7 1150us - Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - graphics controller is dead, apparently. Anyone know what motherboard is used in this model? And is it possible to get WIITHOUT having to go through HP directly? Thanks in advance
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  1. Other than going directly to HP, I think your only real option would be to try and find the same/similar model refurbished or offlease, preferably stripped down. Which you can then use your old units parts in. I saw the DV7s in similar configurations being sold used for around $600-$700 on eBay. There are many Laptop outlets though, you'll have to google them.

    I did find this one place seeling just the motherboard.,Pavilion,dv7-1000,FS148UA,Laptop,System-Boards.aspx
  2. Thanks for the link. That helped immensely.
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