Hyper212+ Vs Corsair H40

I'm building a pc and would like to overclock my cpu.
I cant decide between a CM Hyper212+ or a Corsair H40.
If I buy the H40 I'm buying it with a Newegg Combo deal with my processor (AMD Phenom 965 BE) which gives me a 20$ discount and that plus the 10$ rebate, the difference in prices isn't that big, and I know the 212+ is better for the money.

BUT if I get an H40 for around the same price and put it in a push-pull, will it be better than the 212+(NOT EVO)? I mostly prefer the H40 cause I like the low profile look.
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  1. P.S. I will be doing overclocking, but not heavy duty overclocking. 4Ghz is what I'm aiming for. Also I will changing the fans on the H40 as well.
  2. You have to move up to the H80 and H100 to equal or be slightly better than good air cooling. I would say the Hyper 212 Evo is a little better than the H60.

    If you had a Sandy Bridge system I would say an H40 would be fine for 4Ghz but AMD systems love low temps and 4Ghz is about the overclock limit for any of the 9xx BE chips. I would go with the Hyper 212 Evo in your case. Can you budget an H60? If so that would be sufficient but I have doubts about the H40 being enough for you.
  3. Oops OK you said specifically not the Hyper 212 Evo. Sorry read that wrong. The Hyper 212 Evo is good for about 4-5 C on the 212+. So I would about equal the 212+ with an H60. So my above recommendation stands.
  4. I can probably budget for an H60, i would like to push it farther than 4 ghz, but I'm looking for a cooler that can get to 4 no problem, wont break the band and look nice too. And I was leaning more towards the h40 than the hyper 212 because i like the low profile look. I'll probably get the H40, but if the the H60 is significantly better for not much more I would like to know.
  5. break the bank*
  6. As you can see from that list above 4+ Ghz overclocks are very rare for Phenom IIs. I guarantee pretty much every one of those over 4 Ghz are cooled with custom water loops or at least high end air cooling. If you want higher clocks get Bulldozer ( not recommended ! ) or Intel.

    The H40 may or may not get you to 4Ghz. A better air cooler or an H60 probably will get you at least 4Ghz. Over that you are talking hundreds of dollars in custom water cooling.

    Edit: Just to add those clocks above are with dangerous voltage. Those CPUs will not last long at those voltages no matter what cooling they have. Those are overclocks just to benchmark not 24/7 overclocks.
  7. +1 several, my 4.6GHz 975 isn't on there because Malmental hasn't updated the list for a while but I can confirm Anort's statement, high air or decent water for a 4GHz clock,
  8. I would say go with the Hyper 212, hands down.
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