A good Blu-Ray Burner?

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    I own this one and it is a fantastic burner,plus it's retail , so you get the sata cable and software!

  2. I own the LG one you listed and have had no problems yet . over one year and counting.
  3. I have several of both of these, actually the 940 on the Plex ... the link is to the newer 950, the 940 is outta stock:

    I note the above reviews referenced by area51 says:

    While we appreciate the cost savings you get with the iHBS212, we’re still inclined to choose the Plextor B940SA for its superior BD write performance.

    When the budget is there, I build w/ the Plex, when budget's tight, I use the Asus.
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    thank very much on all your response guys really aprricated! i select evryone as the best answer ! :) thanks you guys :):)
  5. Your Welcome
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