Northbridge overheating on ga-x58-ud3r

Hello, I put together this system about a month ago, everything has been stable other then the temps, I ended up getting an aftermarket cooler, a corsair h50 but it didn't help much, my northbridge started getting up to 70C, so I decided to get a mahalems with a push pull config and put a fan right on top of my northbridge, my temps went down, I was able to maintain northbridge temps under 60C but cpu temps are never under 45C idle, they never get really high under prime 95 unless im overclocked, but nothing over 80, usually under 75.

I tried everything, undervolting. Finally I got mad and just took the motherboard apart which was a pain to get the northbridge / sbridge heatsink off and I applied some thermalpaste and my temps went up 2C so I am idle right now at 58C and cpu is 52 53 51 54.

I am satisfied with my full load temps, I just don't want to damage this motherboard in long term by having it run at 130F + 24/7. I have tried everything, you name it. I even took my motherboard out breadboard style and when I turned my system on my cpu was 40C even after it being off for a while. my northbridge temp starts around 33C then gets up to 58-60.

I am sure my northbridge is hot because It feels hot. but my cpu I can hold my hand on the heatsink and It barely feels warm, I even put my hand on the copper fins and I felt no heat at all. Normally would the fins be hot or is it just where the cpu touches the heatsink that is hot. I touch the copper bars on my video card heatsink and they feel 50C when its at 50C it burned a little bit when its over 55C but with my cpu I don't feel a thing.

Should I trust these cpu temps? I do trust the NB temps cuz I feel the heat in my case from the NB heatsink, the SB is running okay. a bit warm mabey, around 45-50. So air flow is not the issue. Please help me out I really like this motherboard and don't want to have to buy another one. its too late to send back to newegg.

I just don't feel comfortable having such a warm system, really warm air coming out of my corsair 650watt psu and its brand new.

Any help would be great thanks!
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  1. Anyone have any thoughts? Do you think my motherboard might be defective? I tried changing some voltages in my motherboard, the voltage is the only one to make the temps go down but only a few Cº
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