Noob needing help on gaming pc build

I'm looking to put together a cheap, but decent gaming PC. I'm on a pretty limited budget, but I'm not wanting to build anything beastly. I mostly play WoW and would like to play Oblivion and older games like that, nothing major.

So far I've bought a PNY geforce 7100 630i motherboard

2.5 ghz dual core Celeron processor
(yes, I know it's celeron, but it's got great reviews, you can OC it to 3.0, and as I said above, I'm not looking for anything beastly).

And 4 gigs of memory

Problem is, I don't know what video card to get for this set up. I was going to get a Galaxy 8400 gs, but I read that it wasn't the best card for gaming. The mobo says it has a pci express slot (with full x16 bandwith), but it didn't mention a 2.0 slot...

Is the 8800 gtx card the best option for me? It says that's it's a 2.0 card, and I know that you can install those in a 1.0 slot, but it cuts the bandwith in half I believe. I also wonder if it will bottleneck the cpu....
Or should I just cross my fingers with the 8400 or some other card?

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  1. What pricerange are you looking at for the GPU and what monitor resolution do you have?
  2. enzo matrix said:
    What pricerange are you looking at for the GPU and what monitor resolution do you have?

    I'd rather not go any higher than $100 on the card. And my monitor resolution is 1600x900 on a 22' screen
  3. If you found an 8800GTX for less than $100, yeah that's awesome. You won't bottleneck with anything under $100.

    For $95 the nvidia 9800GT is a good card.
    If you can find a radeon 4850 under $100 it will outperform the above card. But they go for more around $130

    For about $70 the radeon 4670 is a good card but not close to anything above. Prolly need to lower settings to play well with this card.
  4. Radeon 4850...
  5. Read best gaming cards for the money november 2009:,2464-3.html

    What psu do you have? The stronger the card, the better psu you need.
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