Quick question!

would a geforce 7600GS
work on my system?!

windows xp home edition
intel pentium 4 cpu 2.40GHz
1gb ram
sorry if this is an obvious question but i am totally clueless about video cards
and i think my processor might be too wimpy to run this
i'm just looking for something that can run mirror's edge or oblivion on decent graphics
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  1. that can't run those games on medium graphics, so you might have to spend more money on that....
    what is the size of your screen and the resolution you want to play on?
  2. my screen size i dont know but it's meant for 1680x1050 which is what i use
    and my budget's $135 and all i really want is to be able to run it without lagging like CRAP and having my game look like...well, crap.
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