Is Crucial trying to price themselves out of business?

Or is it just the vendors? I was ready to buy the 128 MB M4 when they were $170. The Newegg price is now $240. (like hell they aren't charging for the firmware fix). With the list price of the new Samsung SSD 830 at $230 including a bunch of extras and raving reviews I'm seriously reconsidering. However I'm not sure I want to be the Guinea pig for a new product. Oh well, I guess I'll be waiting a few more months for the SSD 830 reliability reviews come in before taking the SSD plunge.
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  1. price is high.

    There are quite a few vendors selling the Crucial M4 128GB ssd for less than $200.00:

    NOTE - Enter your own postal zip code. Also click on "total price" to see the lowest prices first ($147.17)
  2. I was looking at hard drives the other day. Today I look and the prices are rising.... because of the flood..... or is it, already. maybe just a leap ahead so they can get more from the people ( hoarders ) who are in panic mode. Saying that, maybe they think with the rise in HD prices people may opt for an SSD instead, again upping the price. newegg is weird with pricing sometimes though. Ever notice that ?
  3. There have been numerous news reports and articles about the recent flooding in Thailand affecting hard drive manufacturers. About 25% of all hard disk drives are made in Thailand where production has been totally disrupted by the flooding. Seagate and Western Digital are hurting.

    Edit - Update - Western Digital had to stop all hard drive manufacturing in Thailand due to flooding. Here is a link to one of the news reports:
  4. Not much change from several months ago M4 periodically goes on sale at new egg for around $170. Normal price is normally around $215

    If you look at vertex iii ($170) and agility III ($125) That is what they have been going for.
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