Will MCP665 Work For Me?

Hey guys, I'm going for my first watercool in a few weeks and I'm sick of buying midrange *** just to find out I bought something JUST BARELY below what I needed. So I'm looking for something that is above what I need but not total overkill :)


2 x hd6870 in crossfire

I'm not sure on the radiators yet (taking suggestions) but my first goal is determining which pump, I was thinking of the XSPC 5.25 bay with pump, going for the MCP665 i've heard a lot about it, but being new I'm not yet positive what will be adequate or not.

So again, I'm not looking for something that "makes it" I want something that "Yeh, that will work!" and it's not overkill haha. I don't like wasting money :D

thanks guys you rock!

P.S. if you want to point me to more information (besides the sticky...) on rads and maybe pumps if you don't think this one will work, I would love that ^_^
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    The 655 will be fine. Had mine running a 2500K + CFX 6950 2GBs without an issue, and there are few others around here with the same pump.

    If you know you're going to be running some more restrictive components (i.e. they have larger-than-normal pressure drops), the MCP 35X would be worth a look since it provides more pressure at almost the same flowrate.
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