Boot Issue w/ new vid card only

Ok, trying to update a family PC a bit to turn it into an HTPC, just got a new PSU, 550W Antec, installed and system boots. My issue comes when I try and install a Radeon 5670, the system powers on, fans spin, but no post. Even with my monitor still connected to the onboard video. I take the 5670 out and the PC boots just fine.

Now I know the card is fine because I tested it in a 2nd comp and it booted just fine. It doesn't need a 6 pin connector, I've tried reseating it. Comp doesn't have a speaker installed internally so I don't have any beep codes.

Tried a BIOS update, but each time it tells me I need to be logged in on the Administrator account, despite logging in on the administrator account (not just an account with administrator powers, but the administrator account).

So I'm at an impass, not sure if its due to a faulty PCI-E slot, outdated BIOS, or something else.

For reference, the PC is a HP sr1630nx, like I said I replaced the PSU w/ a 550W antec, I also have a 1TB Seagate HDD installed after the original failed, and 2.5GB ram (installed 2GB a few years ago).

Any ideas?
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  1. The BIOS update depends on your motherboard version and current BIOS rev. I wouldn't try updating the BIOS from within Windows, Try a bootable USB drive with the appropriate flash utility and ROM. It is critical that you get the right utility and ROM or you can kill your motherboard.

    In the system BIOS are you disabling the onboard video? Sometimes you need to specify a PEG/PCI setting.
  2. The Bios only has an option to choose the primary video, which I set to PCI-E, there is no full disable option.
  3. Whats the motherboard make and model?

    Stock Mobo from the old HP sr1630nx

    Now my one concern looking at ^, is that the PCI-E is labeled as x1, but on the mobo, and on that picture itself, the slot is the longer x16 slot. So I don't know if I got burned assuming because it was the longer slot it was an x16 when in reality it is an x1.

    Quick check of the bios shows rev. 3.10, most recent is 3.15.
  5. I think they actually mean to say PCIEX 1 (as in express), 1 meaning there is only one. It looks like a x16 slot although I cant verify, sometimes x16 slots are actually x8's, but that shouldn't stop the card from working.

    The BIOS update doesn't seem to address any video issues..and you seem to have set it correctly. Outside of trying a different video card in this machine I'm not sure what else to try. Power shouldn't be an issue.

    My best guess is that its a compatibility problem with the slot being PCIe 1.0 and your card being 2.0 or 2.1, different standards. A BIOS update "MAY" resolve this, if it doesn't you will have to find an alternate card to work with that motherboard.
  6. While I doubt it's a bios issue this may help to update the bios. Whatever program your using to initiate the bios program: with the mouse pointer over said program right click the mouse, a window will pop up select run as administrator. good luck
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