Can i overclock my PC?

Hi tom's users,

i just want to know its that possible for me to overclock my PC?
if its possible,how to overclock in best setting & performance?

my spec is :

asus maximus iv gene-z/gen3
Intel i5 2500.
2 x Kingstone HyperX 1600 4g (8g Ram)
heat sink CNPS10X Flex (dual fans)
GPU Asus HD6850 1gb.
Silverstone ST70F-ES 700wtt
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  1. Just to check that's not a typo, you've got the i5-2500 (not the i5-2500K)? If it's the non-K that you have, then it's not overclockable to any large extent. You can vary the BLCK on your motherboard, but not by very much so your OC will be correspondingly small.

    Your motherboard is good though, and should have plenty of OC features. What you could do is sell the i5-2500 and buy the i5-2500K; the extra you'd have to stump up to cover that would be relatively low if you get a good sale for your existing CPU.
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