How do I install RAID drivers via .inf files ?

I am running Windows 7 from my 250GB Samsung, and have 3 500GB HDs that I used to have in a RAID 0 array on my last windows instalation.
I have an ECS A790GXM-A and it's driver cd, but these RAID drivers don't show any device on my Add Hardware screen under the Device Manager. So i figured these drivers would be just Windows installation drivers, and there is no other RAID drivers there, just these .inf files.

Btw: I can't set my BIOS to RAID mode, because it would make my Windows crash during boot. So there is no device showing on Divice manager either.

Does anyone has any idea on how could I get my RAID-0 back ?
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  1. Well you can´t go from 1 hdd to raid mode on other hdd´s - since they don´t have OS installed - so you have to make fresh install...
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