2 x HD 5770 vs 2 x HD 4890 ? (with price in mind)


I've been planing an upgrade on my graphics cards and I was wondering which of the two options would I be better off with?

2 x HD 5770 or 2 x HD 4890 ?

Ok, I know I'll get better performance with the 2 x HD 4890 but they would also be more expensive. Besides, my 22" TFT, which I am very happy with and don't plan on replacing any time soon, can only go as far as 1650 x 1050 and even my current 2 x HD 4850 deliver pretty well at that resolution, as long as only very little Anti Aliasing is used.

On the other hand, the 2 x HD5770 will get me covered for DirectX 11 but then again, is it worth it? I guess future proofing is always good but then again will DirectX 11 be truly required any time soon?

And of course, at the end of the day, is it really worth upgrading from my current 2 x HD 4850 spec?

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  1. It is your money! It is the 512mb memory on the 4850 that is limiting your AA performance. What about a single HD5850/70?
  2. Go for the single 5850/5870 - On that resolution the crossfire is even less scalable.

    You shouldnt SLI/Crossfire unless you need 1920 + resolution with lot of AA/AF and use top cards.

    your crossfire of 4850 is probably slower than a single 4890 on your resolution so I don't know what were you thinking when you went for that.

    I am having the same monitor as you and I got the 5850, and I am SO HAPPY about it :)
    everything runs maxed out with 8xAA without a prob (except crysis of course but its just not very well written game or just too hoggy)

    5870 is my vote if you can afford $400 (this will keep you at least 2 years with maxing games)
  3. DX11 won't mean much (if ever) till 2012. DX10 was a dud and while most of "believe" that DX11 is primed to deliver some "big-wow" like stuff, we really won't know until game devs invest more T & E (time and effort) into making it mean something. The fact that Win7 is showing such strong signs makes me lean towards it having some significant impact but we won't be sure I don't think till this time 2011.

    To my mind this is an incremental upgrade .... I'd postpone an upgrade till you have more money to spend and are ready for that 1920 x 1200 monitor.
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