Core i3 or core 2 duo e7500

i am currently using a pentium dual core e6500 with a radeon 5770 hd .. i am thinking of changing my cpu. Which one will be a better choice buying a core i3 or a core 2 duo e7500..i have a limited folks help me ..

i will be thankful for your answer..
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  1. i3
    - better performance
    - more expensive
    - needs a new mobo
    - needs a new ddr3 ram

    - not that much different from what you have
    - you don't have to buy a new mobo (if your current mobo supports it, otherwise junk this whole e7500 idea)
  2. E7500 wouldn't be much of a performance gain to justify the purchase in my opinion, and the I3 requires a new motherboard and DDR3 memory so it won't be a cheap upgrade.
  3. Don't upgrade to either.
    It doesn't justifies the money you'll spend.

    Just get an aftermarket cooler an OC the heck out of your e6500. :)
  4. ^ +1

    The E6500 is a great overclocker.
    Cool it properly and you can get some massive FREE performance increases ;)
  5. They are right--neither is a good option on a limited budget.

    Why are you thinking of changing the CPU? What are the rest of your specs? Perhaps a different upgrade would help some.
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