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I know I have seen the answer to this around here somewhere, I just can't remember the answer. I want to connect my 5850 to my two monitors and to my tv. My question is: if I connect the two monitors via dvi, and the tv with hdmi will it work? I know for eyefinity to work, you have to have an active display port monitor. I don't want to do eyefinity though, I just want to be able to switch over to it if I want to watch youtube or something on the plasma. Its not a big deal if it won't; I'm sure I can just diable one and switch to the other. Just setting here at work thinking:)
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    Here is another post with the same question:

    But basically TheGreatGrapeApe says that if one of the DVI was converted to VGA then it could be possible to run three monitors using HDMI. Just for the extended displays.

    And yes you could hook up with both DVI and HDMI and just switch displays when needed, but id think youd go crazy after awhile.
  2. Cool, thanks Paper, I woulda looked for hours to find that post:)
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